Nitin Pandey

Nitin Pandey

Managing Director
Gurgaon, IndiaGlobal citizen
Education: Masters

I am a GIS Professional having more than four years of commendable experience of Geospatial Environment researching geographic data as a GIS analyst, along with a Master's in Geography with specialization in Remote Sensing and G.I.S from, Banaras Hindu University, better understanding corporate requirements of GIS.  Excellent time management skills; with proven ability to can work efficiently under immense pressure coordinate and consolidate tasks, whilst simultaneously managing the diverse range of function from multiple sources.  A dedicated and enthusiastic self motivated learner, keeps abreast of latest technologies, adept at developing and promoting analytical software/GIS solutions, capable to switch to allied or varied technologies depending on project requirements and ability to lead & work together as team experience in both Private and Public sector. Presently working as Project Coordinator for Cairn India Ltd


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